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Claims/ Special Investigations

Bright Line Investigators can provide: Recorded Statements, Witness Locating & Interviews, Medical Canvasses, Scene Investigations, AOE/ COE Investigations, Background & Social Media Investigations and Field Surveillance Operations.

Surveillance Truck


We offer a wide variety of surveillance options with the capability for clients to track the progress of their investigations through our website.

Process Server


We offer competitive rates for getting your legal documents served promptly.


Need someone located? We utilize a variety of databases and techniques to locate your person of interest even if they’ve skipped bail.

Bail Enforcement

Has your defendant skipped out on their bail? Are they a no-show for their court date? Are they in violation of the terms of bail? We’ll locate your skip and bring them back to your jurisdiction.


We provide event security, asset protection as well as personal & executive protection. We can provide these services in a uniformed or undercover capacity as well as armed and unarmed.


A bright-line rule is a clearly defined rule or standard, generally used in law, composed of objective factors which leaves little or no room for varying interpretation. The purpose of a bright-line rule is to produce predictable and consistent results in its application.

Bright Line Investigations is licensed to practice in 10 states. Our investigators offer significant experience in a variety of jurisdictions.

The Bright Line Footprint


  • Background Investigations
  • Skip Tracing
  • Surveillance
  • Recorded Statements
  • Claims/ Special Investigations
  • Consulting Services
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Fugitive Locating
  • Pre-Sentence Investigations
  • Process Server
  • Private Security Services